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How to turn your bedroom into a yoga sanctuary, according to a yogi

Phyllicia Bonanno, the co-founder of social media collective Sisters of Yoga, shows off her dreamy space.

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Phyllicia Bonanno discovered yoga when she was growing up in New Jersey, taking classes before school at her local gym. But she knows that not everyone has that same opportunity. “There aren’t that many yoga studios in urban areas,” say Bonanno. “It seems like some people feel excluded from the yoga practice ... it’s not always accessible to everybody.”

Now, Bonanno is using her platform as a yoga and art teacher to change the face of yoga and make it accessible to people of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. Bonanno is the co-founder of Sisters of Yoga, a social media collective that connects women of color around the world and gives them tools to practice yoga on their own. Sisters of Yoga hosts monthly challenges, where participants can upload photos and videos of themselves to social media. “A lot of people who participate tend to do it in their bedroom because it’s an easy place to take a photo,” says Bonanno.

But it’s not just that a bedroom makes for the perfect selfie aesthetic — it can also become a sanctuary that’s always available for practice, especially when a traditional yoga studio isn’t an option. Bonanno and Sisters of Yoga represent a growing trend of people who are using their bedrooms to practice yoga and create space for mindfulness. Bonanno transformed this bedroom into a yoga sanctuary with the help of IKEA’s storage solutions. By keeping her mats and blocks under the HEMNES bed in the RÖMSKOG underbed storage box, the space stays clutter-free and balanced, freeing her up to relax and move around the bedroom.

When Bonanno sees other women practicing yoga in their bedrooms-turned-yoga-sanctuaries, the result is a warm sense of community: “It’s almost like we’re practicing together in this cozy space that we each call our own.”

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