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Comparing the original Resident Evil 2 release to the 2019 release — what’s changed?

New perspectives, new visuals, and much more can be found in this classic made new.

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To the delight of superfans everywhere, Capcom has released a remake of the 1998 cult classic Resident Evil 2 — and it’s even more terrifying than you remember (and gory — sensitive viewers, beware of graphic content). This next-generation update has already spawned plenty of fan reactions from those who want to compare the original to the newest release. What does the new and improved Raccoon City look like now? Are the Tank Controls the same? Is it just as terrifying as before?

The differences in video game technology between 1998 and 2019 are obviously great, but the remake of Resident Evil 2 is much more than a fresh new coat of paint. With different camera angles and perspectives, updated 4K visuals, motion capture performances of Leon and Claire, and a remastered audio track, the 2019 Resident Evil 2 is bound to thrill a whole new generation of zombie hunters — and delight its lifelong fanbase yet again. Here’s just a glimpse into the new RE2 release, with some throwbacks to the original.

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