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Race cars, magic, and the dark web: One year of explaining with The Explainer Studio

Since Vox Creative launched The Explainer Studio a year ago, we’ve partnered with dozens of the world’s leading brands.

The world needs news, and we also need to be able to understand it. Curious audiences from around the world flock to Vox Media for journalism that provides context and explanation for the most complicated topics swirling around us. Since launching in fall 2017, The Explainer Studio has harnessed that proven form of storytelling for dozens of the world’s leading brands, connecting them to the curious class.

The Explainer Studio is a part of Vox Creative, where we go deeper than the latest product. Our explainers find a subject that is mysterious, misunderstood, or complex and break it down from all sides. We use a balanced blend of research, reporting, insight, personality, and humanity to answer questions that people wonder but don’t explore, that they don’t think to ask but wish they had. In just one year, we’ve explained NASCAR pit crews, the dark web, and surprising forms of currency, debunked the “butt brain” myth, and even used magic to explain insurance. We’ve gone into research and development labs to explore the science of sticky, examined the effects of autonomous weapons, and explained the experience economy with cake. And this is only the beginning.

How are our audiences responding to our explainers? In a year, we’ve seen over 67 million content views across 40-plus videos for an average of 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Our viewers come from 192 countries. And what do they think? Here are a few choice comments:

Very smooth non intrusive advertising.

Well done Vox. Good job on actually turning an ad into a regular, watchable & interesting video!”

When the ad is more interesting than most YouTube videos

… this is advertiser content done right. It’s obvious disclosure and it’s a genuinely interesting subject.”

This is advertising done right. I now know about Zelle, I have a generally positive feeling about Zelle (since I have a positive feeling about Vox), and the content was not even remotely hindered/weighed down by advertisement”

Panera Bread what an awesome advertisement! Guess it’s a bacon and egg kind of morning….. #snapsforpanera

And here’s one from one of our clients:

“We are all celebrating! This is an amazing product and you are an amazing group of creatives… Thank you for making us, and our organization, look SO DAMN GOOD.”

Curious about what’s next? Like our friends at, we’re expanding into podcasts, Instagram stories, influencer marketing and beyond, and we want to do it with you. Watch the video above to see some of our best work, and let us know: What are you curious about?