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Channel Your Inner Inventor with this Raspberry Pi Training

Explore the tech that powers IoT creations

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Compared to the Alienwares and PlayStation Pros of the world, the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi isn’t very intimidating. However, spend a few hours tinkering with it; and you’ll discover that this humble microcomputer packs quite a punch, which is why hobbyists and avid inventors use it to create everything from GPS devices, to motion sensors, and even retro gaming consoles. While we can’t guarantee you’ll create a SNES emulator on your first try, the Complete Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle offers a solid introduction into the world of Raspberry Pi programming, and it’s on sale for $19.

This training contains four beginner-friendly courses that cover the essentials of working with the Raspberry Pi platform, like Python programming and building simple circuits. With a focus on actual Raspberry Pi projects, this collection also offers guidance on building a personal digital assistant using Google Assistant, as well as a GPS system and more Internet of Things creations.

The Complete Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle has a $384.97 value, but you can find it here for $19, or 95% off.

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