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You Can Get 45 Hours Of Ethical Hacking Training for $39

Understand how these pros make a career out of breaking into networks.

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With major data breaches against industry giants like Yahoo and Facebook still fresh in our minds, more companies are using ethical hackers to shore up their digital defenses. Much like a regular hacker, these professionals excel at pinpointing network vulnerabilities, but unlike their cybercriminal counterparts, ethical hackers report these weaknesses and patch them up before they can be exploited.

If you’re not quite familiar with the technical nuances of ethical hacking but want to expand your knowledge, the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle offers a solid introduction, and it’s on sale for $39.

This bundle contains 8 courses which will guide you through ethical hacking fundamentals with plenty of beginner-friendly lectures. You’ll explore the basics of penetration testing and bug bounty programs, viruses, and other online threats. You’ll dive into using Kali Linux and even broaden your understanding to securing mobile devices as well.

You can find the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle here for $39, down from $1,273.

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