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Robots are coming to a grocery store near you

The era of robo-retail is upon us.

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Bossa Nova has been in the news lately. Most recently, the company raised another $29 million in funding to do what they do best: build robots. Bossa Nova’s robots are tailored to a specific purpose, which is to usher in the future of retail. For years, store employees have had to walk the aisles to scan, sort, restock, reorganize, and take note of what is selling and what isn’t.

Now, Bossa Nova’s robots are doing that for them. The company claims that their robots work three times faster than humans and with greater accuracy. They aren’t replacing humans on staff, but rather freeing employees to interact more with customers and take on other work.

These robots aim to change the game for big retail stores that move a lot of inventory. The stores will benefit from both the extra support and the data collected, while customers will benefit from minimized frustration over missing products, low stock, and misplaced items. Overall, these robots bode well for retailers’ bottom line and for customers in search of more satisfying, modern shopping experiences.

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