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This is the technology that maps and measures our infrastructure from the sky

Aerial Applications has eyes on hard-to-reach places.

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Photogrammetry, at its core, is the practice of creating maps or models from photographs. It’s not a new technique. In fact, the first definitive foray into photogrammetry occurred in the 1860s, using kites and cameras to survey the ground below. But photogrammetry has come a long way in recent years, particularly thanks to drone technology. At the very cutting edge of the practice is Aerial Applications, a Philadelphia-based startup applying photogrammetry to modern business problems and inaccessible structures.

When you look up at a cellphone tower, drive across a bridge, or watch the progress on a new construction site, you may not immediately think about the difficulty of maintaining and monitoring those structures. However, between inspections, repairs, and general oversight, infrastructure management can be costly and dangerous, albeit an incredibly important business. With individuals and companies relying on physical and connected infrastructure as much as we do, completing tasks like bridge maintenance and cable line repairs in an expedient manner is crucial to our lives and the economy.

Aerial Applications has built a business around making infrastructure management safer and more innovative. The company uses its fleet of drones to take photographs and then constructs 3D models from those photos. The models can be examined, measured, and manipulated — all without actually visiting the site — and shared securely among coworkers for effective collaboration. For any business that needs to keep an eye on land or structures in hard-to-reach places, Aerial Applications is offering tech-driven solutions that make doing business more efficient.

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