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Show your dad some love with gifts from Lids this Fathers Day

Your dad will love and appreciate some new sports gear this summer.

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Fathers Day is approaching and it’s probably time to get something for your dad. For the father that loves sports, Lids has you covered with a ton of gear. Lids is also offering 30% off orders of $40 or more through June 9, 2018, so get looking now! Take note though that there may be some exclusions to the sale.

Lids has made it easy for us by creating a gift guide themselves right here, but to help further, we’re here to give you our top picks so you don’t have to do excessive browsing yourself.

Let’s start from the top, literally, with a hat. If your dad is a baseball fan he probably already has a hat for his favorite team, but is that hat over ten years old? If your dad is anything like my dad, it may actually be far older than that. Lids is known for their hat selection but to break things down a bit for you they also have a dad hat section with lots of adjustable and vintage inspired options. They also have a whole space for you to create custom hats, which could be a great option for a special and unique gift.

A shirt is also a safe bet for something that will make your father happy. Lids has a wide variety of shirts jerseys, tees, and polos for every team. I’m particularly fond of the blank jerseys, so you don’t need to make your dad pick favorites.

If your dad doesn’t need clothes and he’s already got too many hats, there are tons of other nice options. If your dad lives somewhere where he needs to drive a lot, you can ensure everyone on the road is aware of his team allegiances with a license plate frame.

But they also have other things including practical umbrellas

And dog collars if your dad has a furry friend.

Whatever your needs for the sports-loving dad, Lids is sure to have it, and with 30% off orders of $40 or more through June 9th it’s worth taking a look now!

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