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Get all the gifts for your Tigers-loving dad at Lids

Your dad will love and appreciate some new Tigers gear this Fathers Day

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Fathers Day is approaching and it’s probably time to get something for your dad. For the father that loves baseball, Lids has you covered with a ton of Tigers gear. Lids is also offering 30% off orders of $40 or more through June 9, 2018, so get looking now! Take note though that there may be some exclusions to the sale.

Let’s start from the top, literally, with a hat. If your dad is a baseball fan he probably already has a standard Tigers hat, but is that hat over ten years old? If your dad is anything like my dad, it may actually be far older than that. Lids has an entire section of their site for “dad hats” which is not only funny, but very convenient.

This black on black one is a great choice. Black is so versatile — you can wear it with literally anything. This hat is also adjustable so you don’t need to sneakily figure out your dad’s size either.

A jersey is always a solid option. Alan Trammell was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year which makes this one a good pick in particular.

If your dad is anything like mine, he loves golfing. This shirt is great for golfers but also just a great shirt that I could totally see non-golfing dads in too.

For more Fathers Day inspiration from Lids, check out their Fathers Day gift guide.

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