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What kind of college basketball superfan are you?

This March, will you be a loyal diehard or a man-on-the-move?

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College basketball superfandom takes on many forms. This March, what kind of superfan will you be: loyal diehard or man-on-the-move? Watch the video to see how the two types of superfans stack up — and decide for yourself, which one are you?

The Loyal Diehard

Do you follow one team all the way from pre-season to the big dance? Is a significant portion of your closet dedicated to your team’s colors? Do you have the starters’ stats memorized, down to their height, weight, and birthdays? Is it absolutely essential to your team’s success that you carry out your superstitious traditions year after year? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might just be a loyal diehard.

The Man-On-The-Move

You still love college basketball, but unlike a loyal diehard, you’re more interested in following the most exciting matchups than tracking one team throughout the tournament. You’ll catch the biggest highlights that everyone will be buzzing about the next day, but you aren’t necessarily glued to the TV. When it comes to filling out your bracket, you stick with the stats and try not to let your emotions or team loyalty get the best of you. Does this describe you? If so, you’re probably a man-on-the-move.

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