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Months after Hurricane Maria, some parts of Puerto Rico are still without power

How Duracell and battery power is moving the island forward.

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The crisis in Puerto Rico, months after Hurricane Maria struck in late September, is ongoing: Without a restored electrical grid, residents have had to make do with few resources to maintain their everyday lives.

After the storm hit, Duracell PowerForward trucks arrived on the island for the largest deployment in program history, distributing 2.5 million batteries and helping more than 100,000 people and families in Puerto Rico in need. Narrated by actor John Leguizamo, “Island Without Power” examines the lasting effects of the damage to the electrical grid, and shines a light on the resilience of Puerto Ricans. The batteries provided by Duracell helped power flashlights, fans, water filtration systems, mosquito repellent wands, and health devices like hearing aids, glucose monitors, and blood pressure monitors.

Despite all obstacles, the island continues to look forward to the future — or “pa’lante,” as the local saying goes. You can donate to help continuing efforts to aid Puerto Rico through the nonprofit

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