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The gift everyone really wants this Christmas? A new phone

Your holiday shopping list just got a little easier: Honor’s new collection of handsets for anyone and everyone this season.

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With Christmas around the corner, what better present to find in your stocking than the latest mobile phone? Not only has Honor (Huawei’s cooler little cousin) released two handsets this month alone, they have a whole catalogue of fantastic phones which you can get your hands on this season. Whether you are after that one show-stopper to put at the top of your own list (after all, Christmas is for receiving as well as giving, right?), or that special something for that special person — your search ends here. Check out these phones for anyone and everyone: they’re slick, easy to use, and won’t break the bank.

The Honor 7X

The first of Honor’s most recent two new releases is just right for the bold, the brave, and the adventurous. The Honor 7X is the perfect package package of premium features and power at an affordable price. Apart from the unbelievable value, the next striking thing about this handset is its 5.93 inch, bezel-less screen. With a ratio of 18:9 and Ultra HD display, the 7X allows you to watch films, videos, and TV the way you’re supposed to. It’s not all sexy screens though; there’s substance to the new phone. With fantastic battery life, (one charge for a day’s constant use), a dual-lens camera, and a combined 18MP and great processing power, this phone will look great under your tree and — will perform even better.

The Honor View 10

Honor’s second release of December comes in the shape of the View 10. It’s not just a phone — it’s a robot. The AI integrated View 10 encourages its users to “experience more” of life’s thrills, thanks to spectrum of unique features. It starts with the battery: users are guaranteed to get 29 hours of juice out of their View 10, and can fully charge for the day in just 20 minutes. The handset’s real-time translation,and super-resolution for photography allows you to capture of any of the conversations and views which you experience on your travels. And if gaming is your thing, then the phone’s gaming mode and neural processor could be a genuine life-saver (get it?).

Honor 9

Nowadays, phones aren’t just something you use to call and text your friends with from time to time: They’re a statement of who you are. Therefore, your phone should look as good as you do. If you want to stand out at your New Year’s party, then the Honor 9 is the perfect accessory. Its gorgeous glass back come in a selection of colors that you would expect to see on a catwalk in Milan, rather than in the palm you your hand. You’ll be not just a sartorial trendsetter, but a technological one too. Its state-of-the-art camera with unique low-light capabilities means that you’ll be able to capture every envious eye at your party in perfect clarity.

Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro’s unique design redefines the boundaries of what a 5.7-inch smartphone should look like. However, don’t be fooled by its slick, pretty exterior. Behind the screen of the 8 Pro lies an absolute beast of a processor and battery. Its display is matched only by its whopping 4,000mAh battery and huge 6GB of RAM, meaning — unlike the 8 Pro’s laggy competitors — it’ll be you struggling to keep up with it. A top-tier phone at a deceptively low price, gives the 8Pro a price:performance ratio that you’ll struggle to beat.

Honor 6C

With a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, this smooth and streamlined smartphone will be the envy of all of your extended family this Christmas, thanks to the 13-step design process all the way down to eight layer coating process and 300 individual etchings in every square millimeter. But does the 6C’s performance stand up to its bold look? In a word, yes — its 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera has 10 adjustable settings ensure that what’s showing on your screen is as beautiful as the phone itself. All this, plus Honor’s regimented quality control regime, long battery life (using SmartPower), and high performance software means the 6C could well be the source of 2017’s family argument this Christmas.

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