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The new Honor 7X phone is big, bold, and bezel-less

Maximize your possibilities for €299 (£269.99).

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Today, the buzz around new mobile phone releases comes with a certain amount of glammed-up rhetoric: how a phone is an “extension of yourself” or that your phone is “your life.” As cell phones have become an essential tool for the navigation of contemporary life, they are also now an explicit expression on one’s own identity — they’re seen as an insight into who you are. With some of the latest handset releases costing a small (or in some cases, large) fortune, this new agent for identity expression has, however, become increasingly unaffordable.

With their newest product, Chinese phone manufacturer Honor has produced a phone that’s bold and adventurous, but also a steal. Whether you’re a budding photographer, a keen gamer, or just a tech enthusiast, the Honor 7X is only €299 (£269.99) — and it doesn’t compromise on quality, performance, or aesthetic. You can now actually afford to truly express yourself, thanks to these four features.

It has a bezel-less screen and FullView display.

Not only does the 7X join the ever-growing — but still exclusive — family of cell phones with a bezel-less screen, but it does so while maintaining definition and picture quality. The Honor 7X is, in fact, the first smartphone ever to feature Honor’s FullView display technology: a 5.93-inch edge-to-edge screen with an 18:9 ratio and an FHD+ display with 2160x1080 (for reference, the screen of an iPhone 7+ has a mere 1920x1010). For readers who are perhaps less well-versed in pixels and ratios, that essentially means it looks great and what it displays will look even better.

But that’s not all: The 7X’s One-key Screen Split function means you can also double your productivity or fun. Users can utilize the split-screen function on email and text to external apps like Netflix, Whatsapp, and YouTube, so firing off a few important emails does not have to come at the price of your strict Netflix binging routine.

Amateur photography has never looked so professional.

Having a decent camera is no longer a bonus but a necessity for any self-respecting smartphone. However, the Honor 7X’s dual-lens rear camera with a combined megapixel count of 18 (16 and 2 MP respectively) goes a lot further — your long-held dream of magazine-quality photos on your phone will fast become your reality. By combining fancy features like Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and the latest algorithms with a great aperture size of (F/0.95-F/16), the 7X’s camera will take great photos in dark settings, at quick speeds, and at a variety of distances. Say so long to blurry pics — the 7X will help you become a professional photographer overnight.

High performance comes at a low price.

One of the noticeable differences between affordable phones and their more high-end counterparts has been their tendency to lag and lack in responsiveness — to press your finger on the settings and wait what feels like an eternity for something to come up. But the 7X is powered by an octa-core Kirin 659 processor at 2.36GHz and equipped with 4GB RAM and EMUI 5.1, and (with a micro SD card) can store up to 256GB. The days of irresponsive phones and insufficient storage are numbered: Your 7X’s performance will provide you with an enjoyable, seamless, and effortless experience. Plus, this means you’ll be able to multitask on a number of important jobs (or much more importantly, see your enemy before they see you when playing your favorite game).

And yes, the battery holds up.

We know what you’re wondering: Despite all of those other features mentioned above, how’s the battery? Sound — so sound, in fact, that you’ll be able to get more than full day’s use on just one charge. And you can employ the phone’s Ultra Power Saving Mode, which will allow you to watch a full season of your favorite TV series or listen to 91 hours of music, all in one short charge.

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