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Get to know your elevators

They are crucial to how we build, live, and travel. And now they’re getting even smarter (and friendlier).

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We rely on elevators in our everyday lives — and we take them for granted, fully expecting they are always safe, ever ready, fast and maintained. (Who hasn't pushed the button a second time to register too long a wait time? Who hasn't felt the flicker of frustration when forced to take the stairs?)

Finnish company KONE is outfitting their fleet of elevators with sensors and using the IBM Watson IoT Platform to bring elevators to new heights. How are they different then your regular office elevator? For one, they're listening to factors around them and talking calmly and politely to each other. Their banter is even soothing, like the musak of Internet of Things. All the while, they're monitoring and analyzing data — like vibration, temperature, load, speed, and sway — in order to sense and respond to problems before they become an issue. That means we can continue taking the elevator for granted.

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