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From Chicago to Las Vegas, this team incorporates local style into their elaborate tech installations

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Leviathan is a biblical sea monster that, in numerous artistic renderings throughout history, has taken on an epic, dragon-like appearance. Even without that context, the name “Leviathan” has a dramatic ring to it. It’s fitting, then, that a Chicago design studio known both for its reverence to architectural tradition and also its striking use of technology chose Leviathan for its name.

The Destruction of Leviathan, Wikimedia Commons

The members of Leviathan’s core team pride themselves on their Chicago origins, and draws inspiration from the city’s architecture. Their work is characterized by an engineering eye for structural detail and creative concepts that work seamlessly with the environment around them.

You don’t have to look any further than some of their past work, which includes the interactive digital guide to the Chicago Art Institute, as well as a 4D dive simulator at the Museum of Science and Industry, to see evidence of Leviathan’s careful consideration of context. Their approach was a natural fit for MGM Grand Las Vegas’ challenge to create an interactive and spectacular installation, while keeping in mind the entertainment legacy of the resort and casino.

Art Institute Digital Experience
MSI U-505 Dive Simulator

It’s no surprise that the Leviathan team was immediately struck by MGM Grand’s famous and fierce golden bronze lion statue and decided to build out their idea from there. They wanted more gold. They wanted drama. They wanted iconic. And they wanted a mirage that would leave visitors spellbound.

Watch the video to see how all of the pieces came together for Leviathan’s MGM Grand concept.

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