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Los Angeles glamour meets Las Vegas style in this tech installation concept

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True to their L.A. roots, VT Pro Design has extensive background in music and live entertainment installations. You might have seen their colorful work at Coachella — specifically in D.R.A.M.’s content reel — or on the Google Play Music Wall, which featured over 3,000 headphone jacks.

The Google Play Music Wall, 2016

VT Pro was a no-brainer contestant choice in the competition for a chance to create a next-level interactive installation at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Their entertainment expertise and mixed-media style complement the sights, sounds, and vibrancy of Las Vegas and, more specifically, the bustling lobby at MGM Grand (where there are even music videos playing above the main lobby check-in desk).

That signature flashy, forward-thinking style immediately drew the VT team to the golden bronze lion statue in the lobby, and got them excited to create a new “wow” moment for people experiencing the glamour of MGM Grand. The duo was thinking big, and hoped to design something that would feel both transformative and transportive. They decided right away that programmed lights would be integral to evoking that magical atmosphere, so there were certainly some logistical challenges to tackle during the creative process.

Watch the video to see how their MGM Grand concept took shape.

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