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This is how a French design studio interprets Las Vegas style

See the inspiration for their holographic dome

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Theoriz’s work fully embraces and leverages modern technology, but artistic expression undergirds everything they create. The Theoriz duo, Jonathan Richer and David Chanel, have pulled off everything from an elaborate light installation that “painted” an entire building, to a mixed reality room that had visitors jumping on moving shapes and tripping on stairs that weren’t even really there.

DOORS — between reality and virtuality, 2015

This type of real-time projection mapping and experimentation is what makes Theoriz’s work so cutting edge, and is also what keeps them on the forefront of interactive entertainment. Their work is highly conceptual, but also cleverly playful. Stepping into one of their experiences can feel like entering an augmented world, where the brightness on everything is turned way up.

When asked to compete for a chance to create an installation within the MGM Grand Las Vegas — in all its gold, sparkling, energetic glory — The Theoriz team hopped on a plane to Las Vegas, which, they admitted, was very unlike their hometown of Lyon, France.

Once on the ground at MGM Grand, their remit was to devise an interactive and spectacular concept, which left a lot of room to get creative.

When walking through MGM Grand, the Theorize guys were most struck by a soaring dome ceiling space on the first floor of the hotel. Where most people might just see a high ceiling, the Theoriz team saw a blank canvas — perfect for an awe-inspiring holographic concept.

Watch the video to learn more about how Theoriz came up with their idea for MGM Grand.

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