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When you’re a race car driver who lives by the second, you need a watch to match your speed

Jimmie Johnson lives by his Seiko Coutura watch — here’s why.

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Photos courtesy of Seiko

A win on the race car track often happens in milliseconds — and when you’re a top competitor like Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson, every second on the clock counts. That’s why Johnson relies on the Coutura Radio Sync Solar Chronograph from the Japanese watchmaker Seiko.

How does the Radio Sync Solar Chronograph work? The Coutura collection offers the most advanced, environmentally friendly technology to the timepieces Seiko is known for. While Johnson’s on the move, his Seiko watch automatically adjusts the time and date by radio signals received from atomic clocks around the world — like one based in Fort Collins, Colorado. And when he crosses time zones, the radio frequencies will update and dial in to a new atomic clock. That means Johnson’s always on time, wherever he is in the world.

Jimmie Johnson wearing the Coutura Radio Sync Solar Chronograph.

Plus, the Coutura collection is the ideal balance of dress and sport, perfect for the go-getter. The watches are water resistant (up to 100 meters) and powered by solar energy — no dying batteries here. And each timepiece boasts intricate dial patterns unique to the collection, with a classic steel bracelet for a timeless look. The hands and indices are coated with LumiBrite and finished with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, so you can easily read the watch with a single glance. The result? A combination of classic, everyday style and modern technology from Seiko.

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