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“Why am I eating kale again?” and other food problems that Genius Kitchen solves

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Unicorn Frappuccinos. Edible cookie dough. Sushi burritos. Turmeric lattes. The hottest food trend is always just around the corner, but what if you missed the latest Instagram live review from your favorite influencer or want to actually cook that crazy thing that looked so good? Genius Kitchen has you covered.

Genius Kitchen is a digital food experience where you can watch recipe videos and get those recipes delivered instantly to your phone, follow the latest food news, discover fresh faces bringing you brand new content and enjoy classics that have been redesigned with a modern twist. Available on, mobile apps and connected devices, this new experience lets you “watch” what you eat. Here’s all the food dilemmas you didn’t know you had that Genius Kitchen can solve.

When you can’t cook but still want to talk food.

Comedic YouTube personalities Akilah Hughes and Mike Lockyer, stars of “GK Now,” will guide you through the latest pop culture and food news every week. They're just as curious as you are about how to make perfect creamy scrambled eggs, impress a first date and tackle every other culinary task under the sun with a sense of humor.

Stuffed with special guest interviews, drive-bys with local correspondents, games like “Can I Get a Bite?,” cooking demos and more, “GK Now” is going to be un-forking-believable.

Why you never need to cook for one.

Eating never needs to be a solo act when you’ve got a friend like Dan Churchill. The Australian chef and cookbook author lives in New York and is always looking for a fresh way to feed his friends, eat healthy and have a blast doing it. “Feast With Friends” follows Dan to the farmers market, to his kitchen, to his friends’ apartments and to the dinner table where everyone observes a moment of silence for the perfect #foodporn Instagram.

Always get up close and personal with your meat.

Ever wanted to try a crazy new food and then thought “I wish I had a friend to try that for me, in case it’s gross?” Luckily, meat-obsessed comedian Courtney Rada is traveling the country trying the juiciest dishes from the best butchers around in “Carnivorous.” Whether she’s sampling bone marrow (and ultimately planning to use it as a future wedding cake substitute) or tasting bacon-infused ice cream, Courtney will keep you laughing — and maybe turn a few vegetarians while she’s at it.

How to binge on pop culture and sweets at the same time.

We all watch cooking videos online, but what happens when you actually want to recreate something cool in your own kitchen? Genius Kitchen Recipes will feature young and hungry chefs demoing dishes that are easy-to-prep, stress-free, time-saving and, most importantly, look great on your ‘Instagram.

Plus, you know those outrageous donuts and crazy-cute cakes currently breaking the Internet? “Pop Culture Baking Class” is your master class for creating those super-shareable recipes at home, and making it all look easy. From Pusheen donuts to cookies that look like your favorite celebrities, Genius Kitchen has the hookup.

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