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This student coder may change the way you shop in the future

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Michelle Liang, a senior in high school, joined her school’s robotics team — and was twiddling her thumbs. The only girl in an all boys’ club, Liang was tired of sitting on the sidelines when she wanted to build on her interest. After that experience, she landed in a Girls Who Code intensive at IBM, where she finally found a supportive community in which she could hone her engineering skills. After being introduced to the BlueMix platform, which made it easy to access cognitive computing, she and her team created Blue Shop, a tool to help busy shoppers by aggregating store ratings, tracking promotions, and creating personalized shopping recommendations. They drew on their own real world experiences, combining their ideas and talent to flesh out an app they would actually want to use.

Although she hasn’t quite decided what career path is her true calling, Liang feels empowered by her coding skills and is interested in how technology overlaps with business, statistics and biology. Watch Liang’s story as she discovers herself as a coder.

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