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eSports has taken gaming (and gamers) way beyond the arcade

Rush’s journey has shown his family just how much the industry has grown.

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Will “Rush” Wierzba is, according to his father, one of the few people in the world who gets to do what he loves. Though Rush’s father didn’t initially understand the world of eSports, his son’s obvious talent and successful foray into the professional gaming world soon showed him how large the community really is. Despite committing himself full-time to gaming and the community nearly two years ago, Rush still prides himself on making time for the people who have learned alongside him.

When he’s not in front of the screen, focused on multi-player, first-person shooter games, Rush maintains his work-life balance by focusing on his friends — childhood friends and newer ones from the gaming community.

This is Rush’s story as told by him and the friends who support his journey. We asked Rush how he feels about being a Bud Light All-Star today:

Q: What does being a Bud Light All-Star mean to you?

A: To be a Bud Light All-Star means a lot to me — because to be that one North American player to represent CS Go and the Bud Light All-Star is pretty awesome.

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