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‘Be willing to do whatever it takes to win’: NFL players share what the fighting spirit means to them

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What does the fighting spirit look like on the football field? For NFL players Reidel Anthony, Travis Benjamin, Antone Smith, Pernell McPhee, and Anquan Boldin, it’s not just the competition that drives their determination on the field. It’s also the drive to “fight for what you love and what you do,” says Benjamin.

Boldin compares the sense of teamwork in football to that of the The United States Marine Corps: “You don’t want to let the person who’s next to you down,” says Boldin. For these players whose job it is to win, the fighting spirit encompasses perseverance, courage, ethics, and brotherhood “I know my brothers beside me got me,” says Smith. “So therefore we are going to overcome whatever it may be — together, as one ... we can overcome anything.”

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