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‘I won’t let you outwork me’: NFL players on their biggest career challenges

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Imagine your most physically exhausting day, and then add the country’s biggest, toughest athletes hurtling at you at high speeds. That’s a typical day for an NFL player. The determination to defeat an opposing force — whether that comes in the form of a football opponent or a personal struggle — is what makes these NFL players stand out, both on and off the field. That same determination to overcome challenges on a personal, community, and national level is what defines The United States Marine Corps, both on and off duty.

When faced with obstacles out of their control, Reidel Anthony, Travis Benjamin, Antone Smith, Pernell McPhee, and Anquan Boldin had to learn how to persevere. Boldin shares how his injuries on his field shaped his attitude and forced him to confront himself. “To not be able to play football, or have football as an outlet, I had to deal with myself as a man,” says Boldin.

Still, these hardships gave each of them new purpose: to work harder and learn along the way. “I will admit, there were 15 guys that were better than me,” says Anthony. “Bigger, faster, stronger ..... [but] I just stayed in my lane, worked on my craft, and just tried to get better at what I do.” Hear how these former and current football stars tackled their biggest challenges to keep fighting.

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