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‘Everybody can enjoy the benefits of being successful’: Why these NFL pros give back to their communities

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Pahokee, Florida, is not known as a tourist destination or a metropolis, but it is known for being the home of a disproportionate number of NFL players. Among the NFL players who call Florida home? Anquan Boldin, Antone Smith, and Pernell McPhee. Each one of them cares about their hometown community, but also about a wider focus on brotherhood and coming together to improve society as a whole. Their success — which they owe to hard work and determination, but also to people who helped support them along the way — enables them to give back and puts them in a position to motivate and influence younger generations. A parallel exists between the efforts of these NFL players and those of The United States Marine Corps: marines, too, are fighting in various communities to make them better. In both cases, willpower and dedication on a smaller scale translate to a larger societal contribution.

These NFL players believe that everyone, professional athlete or not, should pitch in. “I think we need to do better as a world,” says Boldin. “I don’t think it’s just athletes who have to do their part as far as helping ... I think it’s all of us.” Learn why philanthropy drives each of these athletes to give back to their community and get inspired to create your own change.

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