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Your ultimate guide to flip cup

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The temperature is climbing and you know what that means: it’s summer party season. With the sun high in the sky and the heat beating down, party goers from all walks of life are eager to get outside with good friends and a cold drink — but why leave the sanctity of your own home when your backyard can easily be converted to the ultimate summer party zone? Leave it to Hefty® and their newly designed Hefty® Party Cups to help you and your party go from neighborhood zero to hero.

Now that you’ve made the right choice to transform your own space into the ultimate gathering zone, it’s time to embark on the next challenge — choosing the right ice-breaking festivity. Now this is no easy task, but with a little help from Hefty® Party Cups, you’re already covered on supplies for a tried and true classic: flip cup.

Eight people. Eight Hefty® Party Cups. Two teams of four. One table. Mash these ingredients together and you’ve got your very own backyard Hefty® Flip Cup Challenge. While you might not be able to win that all-expense paid trip to Miami that Hefty® is offering baseball fans this summer, you’d be hard pressed to find an easier party game for those at home merriments. Sure, it’s easy to party, but why not up the ante and Party Hefty® this summer?

Before getting the party started, check out these fun flip cup tips so you and your pals can really Party Hefty®.

  1. Keep your hands to yourself — nobody likes a handsy opponent (or teammate). Hands can’t touch the cup until your teammate executes that flawless flip. Eager beavers and early birds are subject to a major party foul.
  2. Do the cups have to be red? Of course not. Lucky for you, Hefty® has a fun assortment of colored Party Cups to fit the needs of your soiree.
  3. Can I only play with teams of four? Heck no. You can easily Party Hefty® by flipping with teams of 2, 4, 10 or even 20! In fact, Hefty® broke a world record in 2016 by hosting the largest flip cup game in Chicago with two teams of 100!
  4. Do I have to play with beer? Flip cup is perfect to play with water, soda, or your favorite adult beverage. We’ll leave the final call up to the homeowner -- house rules always apply!
  5. How can I spot cheaters? Let’s put a spin on the old saying here. Keep your friends close but potential flip cup cheaters closer. You’ll know a cheater when they flip and liquid starts oozing out on the table. Again, major party foul.
  6. How can I strategize to beat my rival? Excellent question. Strategy number one – eliminate the puddles by smearing a little liquid on your flipping zone (it will act like glue to that Hefty® Party Cup when it lands). Strategy number two – leave the last flip to the pro. Best flipper is always the anchor, never the leadoff batter.

Need inspiration on how to Party Hefty® this summer? Just check out how Hefty® is bringing some flipping fun to baseball fans across the country!

For the pool hoppers and neighborhood hangouts, Party Hefty® with America’s #1 branded party cup this summer! Hefty® party cups are sure to help you liven up any get together!

Hefty® Party Cups are durable and will outlast even the biggest celebrations.

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