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Is New Mobile Tech Grooming the Next Generation of Baseball Fans?

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Meet WinView Games, The App Behind Tomorrow’s Baseball Fans

For a generation unable to sit still without grabbing a fidget spinner, 3 hours of baseball seems boring. For a generation obsessed with 6-second videos, 162 games seems like an eternity. The much-maligned Millennial generation has now earned both the ire and respect of nearly every industry. They create new industries by killing old ones and nearly every institution must adapt or die.

At 55, baseball has the highest average age of any major sport. That’s 10 years older than football and 20 years older than basketball. The NFL created experiences like the Red Zone Channel, fit for today’s fast paced environment. The NBA evolved into a seven-seconds-or-less game tailor made for the 21st century. The MLB has cut down on game length with rule changes in recent years, but that’s starting to balloon again. For a game that’s all about the big moments, the time in between can seem like forever for today’s viewers.

So is the MLB too slow to survive? Many think it just needs a faster vehicle.

WinView Speeds Up Baseball For the Next Generation

Enter WinView Games. Since 2014, they’ve been creating in-game sports predictions, (also known as live props) delivered straight to your mobile device. It’s a game built around predicting the moments that make baseball ... well, baseball.

For no entry fee, WinView’s nearly 200,000 players (and counting) have been winning cash prizes by connecting with the game they love in a way engineered for today’s speed. Because you’re playing against other fans instead of algorithms, 10 to 15 percent of all WinView users win regularly. When you compare that with the 1 to 2 percent from daily fantasy, it’s easier than ever to get started. With no team to draft, you can pick it up and play any inning of any game.

There’s always been something to bring the generations together over baseball. For early fans, it was the morning box score in the paper, the transistor radio and beat writers building legends, weaving a simple game into the fabric of America.

A Glimpse of Sports’ Future

“There is an increased interest in short-term things, like stats and quick highlights,” said Brian Hughes, senior vice president of audience intelligence and strategy at Magna Global USA. “That availability of information has naturally funneled some younger viewers away from TV.”

Today, with mobile apps like WinView leveraging the popularity of fantasy sports into an experience that’s active, instantaneous and fast-paced, baseball can finally move at the speed of 2017.

America’s pastime is finally built for the future.

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