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How to spruce up a studio apartment like a pro

The key to making a large room feel homey? Find the right paint colors to enhance the space.

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So you think you can paint? Think again. No one is immune to making mistakes when tackling a painting job for their home. Find out how to fix your painting mistakes, or, better yet, prevent them from the very start.

The Fail:

Ruman Kazi wanted an airy look in his studio apartment, so he painted the walls white hoping to open his space up. But the final product ended up a bit more “institutional” than “inspirational.” Host Jordan Carlos paid a visit to the apartment to fix the fail with the help of Misty Yeomans, a Glidden paint expert.

The Fix:

Drawing inspiration from Kazi’s drum set and the influence of his culture, she chose a dark navy blue paint and warm brown-gray paint. By delineating the space with rich blue on some walls and the neutral gray on others, the studio instantly opened up but still felt like one cohesive space. The key? Using a neutral, complementary paint color balance a bold accent wall.

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