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Go Inside Chef Michael Symon’s Newest Restaurant at the Borgata, Angeline

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On May 6th, celebrity chef Michael Symon opened his Sicilian restaurant, Angeline, in Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa. You might recognize his charismatic personality from the many shows he’s appeared on, like the Food Network’s Iron Chef to ABC’s The Chew, but Chef Symon is also credited with building up the restaurant scene in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. It was in Cleveland that he learned the trade at Geppetto’s Pizza and Ribs. In 1997, he opened his first restaurant, the rustic-fared Lola, which quickly garnered much acclaim. He followed that up with other hot spots like Mabel’s BBQ and his franchise burger joint, The B Spot. His partner in all these ventures is also his partner-in-life, his wife, Liz Symon.

Chef Symon’s culinary style is informed by his Greek and Italian heritage, and true to his Mediterranean roots, he loves his mom. She’s the person who taught him how to cook, so in opening this Sicilian restaurant, Symon chose his mother’s name, Angel, as the inspiration for the name of the establishment. And luckily for eaters, Angel’s heavenly inspiration shines in every bite of the menu, perhaps most obviously so in the dish, Angel’s Lasagna.

With the opening of Angeline at the Borgata, Symon joins the ranks of renowned chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Symon’s friend, mentor, and television colleague, Bobby Flay. For Symon, Atlantic City brings a sense of nostalgia, and fittingly, Angeline’s mirrors that sentimentality with some of the same dishes Symon grew up eating: baked clams, linguine with clams and pancetta, chicken parmesan, cannoli, and the like. The smells of the eatery permeate through the Borgata and out the doors, inviting guests to sit in barrel chairs under sleek chandeliers in a setting that oozes both comfort and class. We caught up with Chef Symon to discuss the momentous opening.

Growing up, was there someone in your childhood that influenced you in the kitchen?

My mom. My mother is Greek and Sicilian, so everything revolved around the kitchen table when I was growing up, and everything still does. Not only was food important, food was also something to be explored and enjoyed. Having it be such a focal point of my childhood was a major influence on my career.

What’s most exciting about opening a restaurant at the Borgata to you?

I have always had a soft spot for Atlantic City; it has all the fun of Vegas with a good dose of nostalgia. I have been doing events at Borgata for several years now and the thing I have always loved about it is the people — not only the wonderful team that works and runs it but the customers too. Everyone is just very real and down to earth.

What is the inspiration behind Angeline?

My childhood. This restaurant is so close to my heart, and takes me back to sitting around the family table as a kid, chowing down on my mom's lasagna. Angeline's menu is a modern version of the Italian comfort food I grew up with. Inspired by my Sicilian roots, Angeline’s menu is simple, bold recipes classically crafted with fresh ingredients and prideful attention to detail.

Mom’s Lasagna.

What flavors of Cleveland will you be bringing over to Atlantic City?

My cooking has always been inspired by my Sicilian – Greek – Eastern European roots as well as my community in Cleveland. Our cassata cake at Angeline is “Cleveland style” and inspired by one of the Italian restaurants there that I know and love.

Any favorite menu items you’ve been laboring over?

My mom’s Sunday Supper. We’re serving it every day — not just Sundays — and it’s for the whole table, so it brings everyone together. That’s what Italian food is all about.

How will the style and setting of the restaurant match the flavors of the food?

Angeline's interior is a collaboration between New York-based firm Parts and Labor Design and my wife, Liz Symon. It’s cozy + nostalgic like a trip to grandma’s, but in a sexier way!

Who cooks at home and what do you cook?

We both do! I’m the meat guy, but Lizzie is the vegetable master. We’ll do a nice simple roast chicken with a little lemon and bay leaves, olive oil, and salt and serve it with a vegetable crudo salad. Like a zucchini with some almonds, dill, olive oil, and lemon.

Angeline is now open to the public and taking reservations. Book here today, and indulge in Michael Symon’s Italian plates found only at Angeline in Atlantic City, NJ.

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