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This young director made a Tribeca short film about the perfect journey. Now, she’s heading to Nepal.

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Tribeca Film Festival joined forces with Tumi for the 19 Degree Experience, a chance to give 10 up-and-coming directors the opportunity to film their “perfect journey.” Out of the 10 works produced, Bella Monticelli’s short film, Perfect Journey: Craig Johnson, was the chosen winner.

Monticelli found herself fascinated by author Craig Johnson’s Wyoming landscape — the inspiration for his Longmire mystery series.

Monticelli has directed other short films and commercials, but the experience of winning at a festival represents a new phase of her own journey — one that shows no signs of slowing down. On her next film adventure, Monticelli will join philanthropist and model Petra Nemcova in Nepal to document the opening of a new school for the Happy Hearts Fund.

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