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Here’s why seasoned entrepreneur Constantin Bisanz decided to invest in wellness

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Constantin Bisanz is no stranger to success: In 2011, he sold his fifth company to eBay for $220 million. But as a believer in holistic wellness yoga and meditation, Bisanz wanted his next venture to help people lead healthier lives. His company, Aloha, does just that through easy-to-incorporate protein powders, snack bars, and teas, as well as recipes for healthy meals.

Even though the trajectory of an entrepreneur has inevitable ups and downs, Bisanz tries to maintain balance in his own life. Food, he believes, is the foundation of health. Physical activity — anything from yoga to kite surfing — helps him stay challenged, while investing time in his relationships keeps him grounded.

Mindfulness, though, is what keeps all the pieces of Bisanz’s life and business working in sync. He makes time to reset and refresh even when things get hectic, and he hopes to facilitate that for others. Learn how he keeps his life outlook and his business venture intertwined.

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