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Flyaway Conversations

We stopped women on the street in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City to learn how their hair makes a statement.

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San Francisco

Desiree N .

“Hair is always an expression of oneself! I'm lucky with hair that is naturally wavy/curly. I can make it super big and curly, stick straight and everything in between. It always depends on my mood, but lately I've been loving it in loose tousled curls.”

Shaquille H.

“Five years ago I decided to let my curls rule my life, and it was the best decision I've ever made. They help me feel brave and strong.”

Sherese E.

“ My hair is like yin and yang. Dark and light at the same time. Dark being feminine, light being brightness, passion & growth.”

Sarah L.

“In my opinion, there is no bad mood, bad interview, or bad breakup, that can't be helped by a fresh look (or a really good blowout). When life hands me lemons, I drink lemonade at the salon while getting bangs, you know?”

Sara A.

“I view my hair like an accessory or makeup — I like to change it up based on my mood or what is going on in my life.”

Patty M.

“I think taking control of my hair and styling it the way I want and taking risks makes me feel adventurous in other aspects of my life.”

Hayley G.

“My hair is a weapon, that I️ use to slay the challenge of the day.”

Jessie S.

“My hair plays a part in bridging the culture and traditions I was born into and the life I'm currently living. I grew up with more traditional Chinese parents — my mother frequently passed on advice from her mother in Chinese, including a saying that a good head of hair can overcome multiple other flaws.”

Katlyn S.

“If my hair isn't having a good day, neither am I.”

Anastacia K.

“My hair gives me the freedom to choose how I want to show up in the world. When I'm feeling tied down or need a revamp, I can rock a new style or just completely chop it off, which I did recently and felt liberated.”

Sarah D.

“My hair is sun-kissed, flexible, free.”

Jessica W.

“I've always been brave when it came to changing up my hair. From cutting bangs (to growing them out after having them forever!), coloring and cutting, I know it will always grow back and can be experimented on again!”

Kelsey Z.

“My hair makes me creative and rebellious because I can chose to style, cut, or color it however I want.”

Ali H.

“Whenever I need to feel brave, or stand my ground, you will always find my hair down in her full force. She inspires me to be magical and reminds me of my core self when I stray too far.”

Los Angeles

Sophie W.

“I have always loved my hair for how it separated me from everyone else. My hair always did what it wanted and I always walked to the beat of my own drum — that and I am a Leo. The hair just fits.”

Sydney M.

“I work in a very competitive creative field that’s hard to stand out in, but my hair has unexpectedly become my secret weapon. It’s one of the best ice breakers when meeting new people, and while they may not remember my name, they always remember that girl with the pink (or purple, or blue) hair.”

Andy L.

“I have my mother’s long black hair, the same long black hair that my aunt has and that many of my little cousins are growing up to have. It connects me to the women in my family in that way, and it’s comforting and empowering to know that no matter which crazy color or cut I decide to go with the different stages of my life, at the root of it all (pun intended), my family and heritage will always be there as a constant.”

Amina M.

“My hair is my freedom of expression. Once I finally and fully embraced it, I feel that it became a part of my appearance that has the power to represent my spirit.”

Rachel D.

“People really know me for my hair. That just adds to my confidence and makes me feel like I am making a bold choice every day.”

Chanel T.

“For a long time, I tried to identify who I was through my hair. Over the years, I struggled to find the right style, that would make me comfortable. One day, I decided to be free from validation, and bondage to what our society's 'ideal' look should be for a woman. So, I cut it all off. Since then, the physical and spiritual liberation I feel from choosing this look, expresses the peace and self-love which took years to achieve. It is more than just a hairstyle for me, it is an evolution of self-acceptance. It's who I am. Take or leave it. I love it.”

Whitney P.

“My hair speaks to my versatility and my carefree approach to life. For a long time, I felt insecure about how my hair made me seem too young or unsophisticated in a work setting, but now I realize that I bring a fresh, individual perspective, and my hair communicates that.”

Anne P.

“From day one I always stood out from the crowd ... During high school and college I did a complete turnaround and embraced my hair and embraced the whole ‘fiery’ redhead personality which turned me into a bit of a rebel.”

Sarah N.

“My hair is like a blank canvas, so by being creative with it, I can be bold, unapologetic and rebellious all at once. It feels good to have the freedom to style it however I please.”

Sara Y.

“When I was younger I would straighten my hair everyday, but I’ve realized how unique and fun my curls are and I love letting them do their thing.”

Gabriela M.

“[If my hair could talk, it would say] 'be simple is the best way!'”

Roxanne G.

“When I finally cut my hair, I felt most like myself. This hairstyle isn’t just a trend for me — it’s a big part of who I am as a person.”


Jessica V.

“I think I make a bold statement every day by wearing my hair naturally curly and not straightening it.”

Lillian R.

“My hair is one of my most recognizable features. It gives me the confidence to be myself.”

Cait D.

“My hair matches my mood. I start my days with it down, polished just enough to give me a fresh boost. At work, I pull it into an efficient pony tail, and at the gym, I wrap it into a no-nonsense bun. Once it's finally time to unwind, I unwrap my bun and let my accomplished, wavy hair do the rest of the talking.”

Marilyn L.

“If my hair feels and looks good, it reflects in my mood.”

Allie H.

“My hair helps me be genuine yet confident in whatever I'm doing. Whether that's a presentation at work or going out on a date with a new guy, my hair helps me convey qualities about myself to others.”

Bridget B.

“Every hairstyle says something: slicked back low pony gives me a sleek assassin look, but a picked out curly fro gives me natural African queen vibes.”

Jacquie P.

“I wear a lot of black and wanted to bring some color into my style so I figured by hair was the best place to do that!”

Julia P.

“First impressions are everything, so the way I wear my hair must definitely make a statement.”

Katy G.

“I think with my hair being purple makes me pretty bold, unapologetic, creative and/or rebellious. A lot of people have been coming up to me saying the purple suits me and I agree.”

Marissa B.

“I try to make hair time with my daughter special every time, because I want her to grow up to love her beautiful bouncy curls.”

Meghan V.

“My hair reminds me that I can change daily, and change back — nothing is set in stone.”

Rachelle M.

“I feel more confident when I lighten my hair. … I find that highlighting my naturally dark blonde works makes me look brighter overall and that gives me confidence.”

Sydne L.

“My hair has made me really dig into things like my sexuality, identity and femininity. Sometimes I think my hair is cooler than I am.”

Tracee B.

“As an artist in a tough, competitive market, I like that I have hair that people can recognize, like if I'm featured in a local magazine or an art exhibit. My hair has become a part of my identity, my trademark.”

Katie V.

“Red hair is unique, vibrant and fiery. It helps me stand out in a crowd and it's the first thing that people notice about me. I love it.”

New York City

Melissa D.

“I'm pretty outgoing and I like to be with people — my hair just kind of works with that.”

Lauren A.

“My hair is squiggly, wild, and crazy. I think that it makes me approachable.”

Casey K.

“How would I describe my hair? There's a lot of it, which is just like my personality.”

Rachel F.

“My hair reflects my personality. It's a little bit summery and it's a little different.”

Madeleine J.

“I think my hair is a little performative. It can reveal my personality without me having to say anything.”

Ann P.

“I've never dyed my hair, I've never touched it. It's unruly and it's crazy. I'm a wild kind of personality and everyone says redheads have the most fun. It's totally true.”

Amanda W.

“For so long straight hair was the thing, so you kind of felt a sisterhood with whoever had hair like you. But I stopped straightening it in college when I really became comfortable with myself.”

Natasia M.

“When I was a little girl, I had curly hair and I didn’t appreciate my curls. Now I’ve embraced it — it makes me feel like my presence is just ‘Wow!’ every time I walk in a room.”

Erika J.

“I’ve always had long hair. I cut it to a bob when I was in the second grade, and I’ve only cut it a couple of times after that. My hair has sort of become a part of me. It feels weird to cut it.”

Chantal A.

“I change up my hair a lot — it’s always time for a new beginning. I’m not a person who likes to stick with the same things. I like to switch things up from time to time. Right now it’s this. Next, I’m going to go blonde.”

Kiara H.

“It took me a long time to get comfortable with my hair as thick as it is, but now I like it ‘cause I feel like it ties into my personality. Just like my hair I’m tough and stubborn, but if you put me under fire, I can do a whole lot.”

Stephanie P.

“I don’t think I have any one style. Living in the city, there's so many different fashions and looks and people walking around. It's a little bit of taking what I like, a little bit of everything.”

Lauren B.

“I recently got bangs. Everyone told me not to, but I decided to go for it because you only live once and hair always grows back.”

Holly D.

“I feel my hair is my main asset. It’s long and a unique color that doesn’t come in a dye box.”

Sydney M.

“Right now my hair is definitely a reflection of my personality. It's neutral, lots of tan tones — I'm just feeling warm.”

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