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How a Food Blogger Found the Recipe for Success in Her Tiny Kitchen

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It’s no secret that New York City’s food scene and publishing industry are competitive and crowded. So how did a blogger break through the noise from her tiny East Village apartment — and without a dishwasher? Recipe developer and entrepreneur Deb Perelman launched Smitten Kitchen in 2006; before that, she was a technology reporter, an arts therapist, and even a record store shift supervisor for a stint. Though she had blogged about her personal life and bad New York dating experiences in the past, Perelman decided to focus this blog on other interests: cooking, writing, photography, and, in her words “fussing with recipes.”

Readers responded to her tone and approachability, filling her comments section with suggestions, praise, and conversation. Without any formal culinary training, Perelman started a food community that resulted in a New York Times bestselling cookbook in 2012. Find out how Perelman sustains her culinary business and how she still comes up with fresh ideas for her blog and her kitchen.

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