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Welcome Back to the New Year

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New Year, new you ... right? As the ball dropped in Times Square, we’re sure you were thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. From losing weight, to quitting that annoying habit, we’ve all been there before. The New Year is the perfect time to make some goals for how you can improve your life in 2017. Maybe you want to hit that PR on that lift at the gym, or maybe it’s even time to finally sign up for a gym (there’s probably good deals this month). Regardless of your goals, it’s time to buckle down and get started — there’s no time like the present.

According to University of Scranton research, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Here’s one resolution we know you’ll be able to keep: Be the most handsome man with the closest shave. Gillette men know what it feels like to accomplish that after each and every shave. Sure, you may have left to try another razor at some point over the years – one of those other guys – but you came back. Just like guys are coming back to Gillette. In the end, Gillette offers an unbeatable quality razor that makes achieving a clean shave as easy as can be.

So, as you try and keep your other resolutions (again, don’t forget to hit the gym while it’s still bulking season), Gillette’s here to help you out with the easiest one. With the most advanced blade coatings, less irritation, easy rinsing, and pivot technology, you'll be one happy guy in 2017. Gillette provides the only razor with progressive geometry to position blades to minimize irritation; plus, Gillette has two times more lubrication than other competitors. Translation: less nicks and no cuts. With Gillette, you’ll be checking one thing off your New Year’s resolution list each and every day.

Visit the Welcome Back page to hear from guys just like you who are sharing why they are coming back to Gillette. Share your story and you’ll receive a reward. It’s a good-looking lineup and you deserve to be there too.

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