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Cole Giordano

Your Perfect Winter Night Meal? A Chef-Approved, One-Pot Stew

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As the first layer of snow settled in New York on Monday, nestled inside the state-of the-art Samsung 837 flagship experience, Chef Christopher Kostow was firing up the ovens. The California-based chef of Meadowood Restaurant in Napa, author of A New Napa Cuisine, and head of the soon-to-open The Charter Oak in St. Helena, gave a cooking demo to an audience with an appetite for food and education. New Yorkers from all over the city took 20 minutes out of their busy day to learn how to bring high-end cooking techniques into their home kitchen (after some passed small bites and drinks), and Chef Kostow delivered seamlessly.

Chef Kostow and a team of other Michelin-starred chefs — Daniel Boulud, Elena Arzak, and Michel Troisgros, to name a few — make up Samsung’s Club des Chefs. This Olympic-level team has travelled to South Korea and worked with engineers to develop the Samsung Chef Collection appliances, bringing the professionalism of the expert chef to the home cook through trustworthy and precise devices.

Chef Kostow and his chef de cuisine, Katianna Hong, stood in the Samsung high-tech, high-end kitchen, making a pork belly stew recipe that was readily available on an app on the refrigerator’s built-in touchscreen door. He diced the pork, then sprinkled it with "a good deal of salt and a lot of flour," and mixed the turnips with the meat. The ingredients all met in the pot, making it a true one-pot recipe: As Kostow explains, simplicity is one of the secrets to home cooking. "I tend to cook things that only require one pot for the sake of ease and time," he says.

Together with the pork belly stew, the chefs made potato flatbread from mashed potatoes, which they browned in clarified butter. As the butter simmered, the divine smell dissipated throughout the entire hall: Nostrils flared all the way to the back row and to the mezzanine. Luckily, spectators did not have to wait long to taste. Once the mouthwatering dish was complete, servers quickly distributed bowls of the stew to each audience member. It was a snowy night made complete with a hearty stew.

This evening was the first of a series Samsung 837 will host with its Club des Chefs. Find more upcoming events here.

All photos by Cole Giordano

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