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What to Watch This November, A Sports Guide

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November isn’t typically thought of as a great month for sports watching. Baseball season has just ended and basketball season is just getting started. And, of course, there’s football. But this year, there are all kinds of games, fights, and rivalries for you tune into, just as the weather outside is starting to cool down. Get comfy — this month is stacked with the kind of sports events that become legend.

November 1: World Series Game 6, Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians

This game is not a guarantee, but here’s hoping it happens. This year’s World Series is between the two teams with the longest World Series droughts in the MLB. And both teams have fought hard to get here: Just five short years ago, the Cubs didn’t look like they would ever have a fighting chance to make it to October. Fast-forward to this season and they’re objectively the best team in baseball with an astonishing 103-58 record. As for Cleveland, they’ve watched their starting pitchers go to the disabled list one by one, only to shut down the offenses of their postseason opponents anyway, thanks to rockstar performances by unexpected players like Ryan Merritt (who?). No matter which team wins the World Series, both the Cubs and Indians have staged two comebacks for the ages — and someone is going to make history.

November 3: Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The short of it: Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA. He played every game of his career for Oklahoma City, won an MVP with them, went to the NBA Finals with them, but never won a championship. Last year the Thunder lost the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors, 4 games to their 3. In the offseason, Kevin Durant chose not to resign with the Thunder and signed with the Warriors. On November 4th he returns to Oklahoma City in a Warriors uniform, and you should be tuned in to watch his comeback.

November 10: Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade makes his return to Miami after spending 13 seasons as the Heat’s star player. But this time, he’ll be on the court in a Bulls uniform. Expect tension (and pressure) to be high.

November 12: UFC 205

This is the event of the season, the ticket that's harder to get than a Mets World Series ticket. On November 12th, UFC comes to Madison Square Garden for the first time since New York legalized it. The whole card is stacked, with three belts up for grabs: There's the much talked about headline fight for the Lightweight Title between Eddie Alvarez and charismatic Irishman (and current Featherweight belt-holder) Conor McGregor. But there's also Tyron Woodley defending his Welterweight Title for the first time against Stephen Thompson, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Karolina Kowalkiewicz fighting for the Strawweight Title. Any one of these fights would be worth watching, but all three fights make it the UFC event of the year.

November 13: New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

Two of the best teams in the NFL go head-to-head, one of which is the Patriots — a team everyone has strong feelings about, whether you love them or hate them. With Tom Brady having already served his four game suspension for Deflategate, you can expect the ball to be in the veteran QB’s hands against Seattle’s solid defense.

November 18: Bleed For This

Based on the life of boxer Vinny Pazienza and starring Miles Teller, Bleed For This is the must-see sports movie of the year. Shortly after Paz became the Super Middleweight champion of the world, he was in a head-on car accident that left him with a broken neck. Doctors said he'd never be able to walk again, but he took a chance with a risky "halo" spine-stabilization treatment — and staged the ultimate return to the ring. It's a comeback story for the ages, one of grit, heart, and determination that you won't want to miss.

November 19: Bellator 165 MMA

A former UFC champion who fights for Bellator, Benson Henderson, will take on on the reigning Bellator lightweight champ Michael Chandler. And that's just the headliners — the only more anticipated fight than the headliner may be the matchup between Michael Page and Fernando Gonzalez. Page has already taunted Gonzalez to "retire after this" fight, if that tells you anything how fiercely competitive this event will be.

November 26: Michigan vs. Ohio State

It's considered by some to be the biggest rivalry in sports, and both teams are good this year for the first time in a long time, with Michigan ranked no. 3 and Ohio State no. 2. Ohio State is not playing the way they were expected to, coming off a surprising upset by Penn State. That loss highlights the team’s vulnerability, which makes them beatable — especially because they are a team with a struggling offensive line and Michigan is a team with outstanding defense. They’re not to be underestimated, though, especially when that rivalry adrenaline gets pumping. Will Ohio State stage a comeback despite their losses this season? Only this game will tell where these two teams stand.

When you're in between games and your match-ups, check out the new Bleed For This, which opens in theaters on November 18.

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